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Friday, March 13, 2015

Flannel Friday: The Great Hot Air Balloon Race

Hot air balloons are the theme around our department this spring, and they are so cute! I went away from the usual storytelling flannelboard story and made this a game instead.

The Great Hot Air Balloon Race
Line up the hot air balloons at the bottom of the flannelboard, have the kids take turns rolling the dice, whichever color is facing up then the balloon of the corresponding color moves a little higher on the board. The first balloon to reach the top of the board (or the highest balloon after all the kids have had a turn to roll) is the winner. You could even make a prediction at the beginning, and see if your prediction is right.

I made the hot air balloons with felt and used a template I made from some free online clip art. The dice are these photo blocks. The squares of color inside the dice/blocks I made in Microsoft Publisher.

I can tell you that I used it in one story time so far, and it was fun, but I needed help from the adults to make sure the children weren't taking more than their fair share of turns rolling - it was a story time for 2-3yo. I used two dice for the game since it was a larger story time so things would go faster. The next time I use it I'm planning on a much smaller crowd and I may only use one. It was fun and went well, but you may need a bit of crowd control from the other grown-ups in the room if you're using it with young preschoolers.


  1. Very clever!! Thanks for sharing a great idea!

  2. Thanks! I was inspired by the Ravensburger game "Snail's Pace Race," so I figured out a way to make it work for story time and a larger group of kids. You could also modify this with letters, numbers, etc. and put whatever you want in the dice to match.

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