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Friday, August 15, 2014

Flannel Friday - Shark Week Edition: Smiley Shark by Ruth Galloway

First off - Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!!!! Who also loves sharks, so I dedicate this Flannel Friday contribution to him :-)

This week I flannelized the book Smiley Shark, by Ruth Galloway. Please note that our library's copy of the book was checked out, so (other than the shark) the fish don't really look like the book illustrations. I also had to get the words from the story from YouTube videos, so things are adapted here and there for the purposes of flannel board storytelling.

Also, as is typical from my colleagues and I at this library, I used craft foam, but I've started backing the foam with sticky felt. Before we have used the hook side of velcro to make the pieces stick to the board, but I feel like it rips up the felt board and makes the fabric pilly. Plus, the sticky felt backing reinforces the foam pieces for durability. Just my $0.02.

Not pictured: the fisherman's net.

Also, I have no templates to share this time. I just used various clip art, except for Smiley Shark himself, which I used the book cover art as a template.

So without further ado...

The Story of Smiley Shark (adapted) by Ruth Galloway

Far away in the deep rolling ocean lived Smiley Shark - the smiliest, sunniest, friendliest and funniest. The biggest and toothiest of all the fish!

Every day Smiley Shark watched the beautiful fish that dipped and dived, jiggled and jived darted and dashed with a splish and a splash. Smiley Shark longed to splish and splash with the other fish, but whenever he smiled at them they swam away.

Pufferfish was blowing bubbles. "That looks fun!" said Smiley Shark, but puffer fish blew himself into a big spiky ball and pricked Smiley Shark on the nose.

Starfish was twirling and whirling. "What fun!" giggled Smiley Shark, but SWIRL! Starfish twirled off across the ocean floor.

Smiley Shark showed his toothy smile to jellyfish, octopus, and goldfish, but in a flash they all swam away as fast as they could.

Smiley Shark watched everyone have fun without him, and then he didn't feel much like smiling anymore. Then he noticed something was wrong, the fish were all swimming towards a TRAP!

"Help!" cried the fish as they wriggled in the net. "Please help us Smiley Shark!" Smiley Shark swam round and round the fisherman's net, but what could he do? How could he help? The only thing he could do was SMILE! So he smiled at the fisherman.

"Ah! A shark!" screamed the fisherman, dropping his heavy net into the sea, "I'm getting out of here!"

"Hurray!" cheered the fish, "We're safe! Thank you Smiley Shark!"

Far far away in the deep rolling ocean, Smiley Shark and his friends could be seen dipping and diving, darting and dashing, splishing and splashing, and smiling!

Thanks everyone! TGIF!


  1. Great job! I love your felt board pieces. ~ jane

  2. Thanks for sharing! Adding to my 'to do' pile. Love the octopus's tentacles...too cute!

  3. Thanks! This was a really fun theme :-)